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Setta Engenharia

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We assure reliability by offering the best integrated management option or (Electric and Automation) Engineering, Projects, Material Supply, and Electrical Constructions (EPC).


To provide integrated solutions in electrical engineering and industrial automation with an adequate structure and innovative attitudes, all over Brasil.



  1. Comply with our values – our beliefs that guide us towards achieving our main purpose: to add value to clients, employees, partners, society and shareholders and, consequently, become essential for them;
  2. Grow – strengthen our structure to ensure business longevity and ability to influence;
  3. To be a national reference - in integrated solutions of Industrial Engineering



  1. Focus on the client;
  2. Simplicity, which translates into easier, faster and correct actions;
  3. Organization, for us to become more efficient;
  4. Commitment to results for the health of the group;
  5. Quick response to the client as our differential;
  6. Motivation and prizing of employees, who represent the “energy” of the group;
  7. Assertiveness and Discipline, so that we can exceed the expected results and continue to innovate;
  8. Sinergy: everybody must be united around the objectives of the group;
  9. Utmost care for Safety, Environment and Community.


We offer the best quality, safety, and efficiency in the execution of major electrical construction and industrial automation projects in the most diverse segments.


  • Projetos elétricos de MT e BT;
  • Projetos de PDA;
  • Projetos conceituais;
  • Projetos básicos;
  • Projetos executivos.
There is global concern about the scarcity of natural resources, which demands rational use and sustainability. With this in mind, Setta Engenharia offers solutions designed to optimize electric power consumption and to reduce costs and waste.
  • Energy efficiency studies;
  • Electric power quality studies;
  • Correction of traditional power factor and in harmonic environments;
  • Harmonic distortion;
  • SAG and SWELL.


This consists of preparing mechanisms for electrical installations, involving details such as the location of power outlets, control, circuits, conductor section, and total load, among others. Setta Engenharia’s electrical projects afford gains and savings with the proper material acquisitions and installation execution; electrical structures are assured to be within the current safety standards, and need is sized and consumption forecast correctly to ensure best energy efficiency.
  • Basic projects for CAPEX/OPEX preparation and outsourcing.
  • Conceptual projects for new industrial plants or existing plant upgrading.
  • Executive projects for:
- Medium voltage electrical installations (13,800 V to 34,500 V); - Low voltage electrical installations (380 V); - Electrical grounding and lightning protection system (SPDA); - Structured cabling.


The ideal solution for unique needs

Setta Engenharia offers services that cover the entire industrial automation and instrumentation life cycle. We develop systems for specific applications, we use technologies that are established on the market, and we seek to make the most of the assets that the productive processes have. With a capable and continuously evolving technical staff, Setta is able to deliver projects that optimize and increase operation safety and traceability.

Differentiating factors:
  • Use of automation platforms from different manufacturers.
  • Definition of technologies that are appropriate to the reality of the process.
  • Integrated management of the project together with the other electrical system’s components.
Main services:
  • Automation and instrumentation system studies and design.
  • Development of systems in the SCADA architecture.
  • Development of systems in the distributed control system (DCS) architecture.
  • Industrial network device configuration.
  • Inverter parameterization.
  • Commissioning, start-up, assisted operation.
  • Training.
  • Project post-delivery support.

Works Management

Project management is essential for any work. Therefore, using a system that makes this feature inherent to electrical designs is a goal Setta Engenharia pursues on a daily basis. Thus, PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology, which aligns technical expertise with resource optimization premises, is used. Cost, time, scope, and quality are under control, helping meet planning.


Servicing Agreements

These are predictive, preventive, and corrective electrical, industrial and building maintenance services, all done pursuant to the ABNT standards. The agreements are for global amounts (on demand) and the specialties are:
  • MCCs, switch panels, and PLC frames.
  • MT cubicles and controls.
  • Programming and calibration of electrical system protection relays.
  • Substations, electrical rooms, transformation centers and electrocenters.
  • UPS, BT and MT inverters, Soft-Starters, motor-generator sets and starts for irrigation systems.
In building maintenance, Setta Engenharia serves segments such as bank branches, court houses, and corporate buildings, providing structured cabling, voice, data, CCTV, lighting, plumbing, and civil maintenance services, among which partitioning, plaster installation, carpeting, flooring, glass, painting, and carpentry.

Commissioning and Start-up

Commissioning - a process carried out to check whether the system has been installed, tested, and operated according to design specifications - is made official by a report issued by CREA, and involves these steps:

  • Visual inspection;
  • Insulation tests;
  • Applied stress tests;
  • Paint thickness verification;
  • Vibration;
  • Noise;
  • Thermovision;
  • Calibration up to 250 A and 300 A;
  • Calibration from 0 - 10 V;
  • Calibration from 4 - 20 mA;
  • Oscillography;
  • Network certification;
  • Insulating oil chromatographic analysis;
  • Insulating oil physical and chemical analysis;
  • Insulating oil PCP analysis;
  • Power analysis (THD);
  • Ground resistance measurement;
  • Soil stratification for grounding systems.
After verifications, the start-up process is initiated in compliance with the manufacturers’ requirements and the customer’s needs.


Levantamento de dados com fornecedores e fabricantes de equipamentos

Conhecimento técnico para levantamento de informações técnicas sobre o equipamento, referente a alimentação, proteção e funcionamento dos equipamentos

Análise de energia (Queda de tensão, harmônicos, fator de potência, Sag, Swell)

Verificação e estudo de análises de energia, considerando parâmetros para qualidade do serviço e produto, por exemplo: surtos ou afundamentos momentâneos de tensão, fator de potência, harmônicos, duração de interrupção de energia, frequência de interrupção de energia.

Curto circuito (Balance/Unbalanced)

Estudo do sistema elétrico da instalação para cálculo da corrente de curto circuito nos painéis e equipamentos.

Energia Incidente

Elaboração de estudo e cálculo da energia incidente na ocorrência de arco elétrico.

Coordenação e seletividade de proteções do sistema elétrica

Estudo do sistema elétrico da instalação e especificação do tipo de lógica de proteção e especificação das proteções para atender as necessidades referente a coordenação e seletividade.

Eficiência energética

Levantamento e estudo do sistema elétrico da instalação para propostas de melhoria do consumo e aproveitamento da energia elétrica na instalação.

Parametrização e testes em relé de proteção

Parametrização e regulagem das proteções de acordo com os estudos de coordenação e seletividade.

Proteção de motores

Estudo e especificação do tipo de proteção de acordo com o tipo de equipamento.

Proteção de geradores

Estudo e especificação do tipo de proteção de acordo com o tipo de equipamento.

Proteção de transformadores

Estudo e especificação do tipo de proteção de acordo com o tipo de equipamento.

Proteção de cabos

Estudo e especificação do tipo de proteção para a utilização do cabo em aplicações específicas.

Proteção de barramentos

Estudo e especificação do tipo de proteção para a utilização de barramentos em aplicações específicas.

Fluxo de potência

Elaboração e estudo e simulação fluxo de potência no sistema elétrico da instalação.

Cogeração e conexão a rede da concessionária

Projeto, dimensionamento, especificação e tipo de operação da máquina de acordo com a carga do cliente.

Arc-flash evaluation e EPI's/EPC's

Estudo e especificação dos equipamentos de segurança para uso e manuseio dos equipamentos e painéis elétricos.

Partida de motores

Especificação do tipo de acionamento de acordo com potência e função do motor elétrico no processo fabril.

Dimensionamento e especificação de UPS's

Dimensionamento, especificação e determinação de topologias de motagem para UP.



Get to know our works and our customers.

Industrial Automation
Santos Export Terminal


The TADD System (Thermo-assisted drying and decontamination) consists of a sealed station that uses heat and airflow in a controlled manner. The system ensures the inactivation of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and has been widely used in the United States and in European countries.

Drying and Decontamination

The Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) National Swine Health Program (PNSS) lays down the procedures required to eliminate infectious disease agents and, together with Embrapa Suínos e Aves, recommends that animal transportation vehicles are washed and sanitized between shipments of different loads of animals. To complete the truck body decontamination process, it is necessary to wait for it to dry completely, which can be natural or forced. After the washing process has been completed, drying and decontamination with the quarantine period, depending on the weather conditions, may currently last 12 hours or more.



Scientific studies have shown that controlled truck body heating inactivates different pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, among which more resistant viruses such as PEDv and PRRSv, the occurrence of either of which has never been recorded in Brazil. The TADD System is the most efficient procedure for pathogen inactivation, since using the forced drying process with heated air avoids the spread of infectious agents by means of vehicles that transport pigs.



The TADD System provides time gains in terms of fleet availability for transport, as it optimizes body drying time. Since the vehicles do not have to go through a quarantine period, they will be available for use sooner. Additionally, the system enables possible fleet size adjustments due to increased vehicle availability as a result of the biosecurity procedure being carried out in less time.


Payback and Investment Balances

The TADD System is a piece of equipment that affords quick returns on investments and high profitability, for example, considering a fleet of 50 vehicles, each traveling 200 km from the farm to the drying and decontamination site.



  • Electric panels designed and built pursuant to Brazilian and International Standards;
  • Manual activation mechanisms in case of an emergency;
  • Air renewal system that ensures surface cooling;
  • Siren for system in operation warning;
  • Automatic doors for vehicle entry and exiting;
  • Control and automation system that allows greater safety during operation.



  • Electric panels and mechanical structure made of high-quality materials;
  • Manufacturing processes and assemblies executed with full control, pursuant to an ISO 9001:2015-certified Quality Management System;
  • Highly qualified technical team, experienced in work management and delivery within the agreed lead times.


  • System totally covered with insulation shingles that ensure thermal insulation and electrical power savings;
  • Ventilation systems controlled by frequency inverters;
  • Lower consumption and high efficiency electrical equipment;
  • LPG system controlled via automation to ensure the lowest power and gas consumption.


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